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Alita Wellman-Ross, LMT

Alita Wellman (me!)

    Hi, my name is Alita Wellman-Ross, licensed massage therapist/owner of Tranquil Touch, Therapeutic Massage in Moundsville, WV.  I graduated from John Marshall High School in 2003 and from Penn Commercial in 2009.   I have continued my education in Reiki, levels 1 and 2, and in Reflexology.  I plan to continue my education in Reiki and become a master.  I am passionate about my career and strive to learn something new everyday.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the services I offer.

Continuing education courses completed:
2012  Reflexology
2013 & 2014  Reiki Level 1 & 2
2014  Massage and Medications - When is Therapy Dangerous?
2014  Meeting the Needs of Elder Clients
2014  Helping Clients Manage Migraines
2014  An Evidence Based Guide to Treatment of Fibromyalgia for Massage Therapists
2016  Hot and Cold Stone Therapy
2016  Meditation as a Therapeutic Tool
2016 Cardiovascular Health and Massage Therapy
2016  Lower Back  Pain and the Role of Massage Therapy

Phone:  304-312-5559
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Bobbie Whipkey, LMT

Bobbie Whipkey

My name is Bobbie Whipkey, and I graduated from the Pittsburgh School of Massage.  I specialize in deep relaxation.

Phone:  304-312-5559  (Leave message with Alita)

            Telemarketers and political callers are NOT ALLOWED to call this number!     Telemarketers NOT ALLOWED!

Sarah Tomlinson
(Coming Soon)
Sarah Tomlinson
    My name is Sarah Tomlinson. I graduated from Shadyside High School in 2016 and decided to continue my education in Massage Therapy at Penn Commercial. I am very eager to build my clientele and further my education in massage therapy.


For as long as I can remember I have struggled with headaches.  During college, I tried chiropractic medicine and saw little to no results but spent lots of money. After college, I began working and was still fighting to be headache free. My headaches were more persistent and more consuming that ever before.  I occasionally would get massages but until I found Alita I didn’t realize the care and personalization that a devoted massage therapist could offer.  Through Alita's persistence, kindness, and professionalism to find the root of my struggles, I feel better than ever. She is always willing to research a new hold or try a different stretch or pressure to target that persistent knot that won’t budge. The location is easy to find, the atmosphere is soothing and relaxing, and above all the therapist is effective and focused on improving each patients ailments.  I now schedule and keep my appointments with regularity.  My headaches have dropped off dramatically, but more importantly I have greater flexibility and range of movement without pain.  I truly benefit and enjoy each session.
~Anna Kelley

I was amazed at how much massages help my arthritis joint pain. Varicose veins are looking and feeling better. Pain from Sciatica, nerve pain running down my leg, almost gone! This has helped me feel so much better.
~Gloris VanScyoc

I have a history of severe loneliness and chronic lack of touch.  Coupled with today's stone-cold legalistic culture, I often found it difficult to even go on.  My body would just CRY OUT, in the form of body jerks and restless legs syndrome.  Massage generally helps me a lot here.  Alita has one of the best professional massage environments that I've seen.  So many therapists have their rooms in the back, where there are no windows.  I also feel better about having a  CHRISTIAN working on me.  After Alita worked on me on 03/16/2015, I noticed a lot of the negativity (satan's pride and joy) was SHORTED OUT!  PRAISE BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!

~John Nozum

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