Tranquil Touch
Hours and Location
308 Jefferson Ave., Moundsville, WV


Now located at
308 Jefferson Ave.
Moundsville, WV  26041
NOTE:  Please bring change for parking meter.
Parking rate:  25 cents per 50 minutes

Alita Wellman-Ross, LMT
Bobbie Whipkey, LMT

Available by appointment only -- Monday through Friday, and sometimes Saturdays

Please call or text for an appointment.

Alita Ross    Phone:  (304)-312-5559
Bobbie Whipkey   Phone:  (304)-312-5559 (Leave message with Alita)
Telemarketers and political callers are NOT ALLOWED to call these numbers!   Telemarketers not allowed!

NOTICE:  I do NOT offer "emergency services".  If you are in such severe pain that you can't go on,
you need to call your doctor or call 911 or go to the emergency room.  I sincerely doubt if I can do
you that much good if you are in such severe pain.

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