Tranquil Touch
Prices and Services

Please do NOT send in a "prepayment" for a massage not arranged yet.  Please
contact us in regard to prepaid massage (at 304-312-5559).

Cost of treatments are:
25 Minutes = $55
55 Minutes = $85
85 Minutes = $115
Reflexology -- 40 Minutes = $60
Reiki -- 50 Minutes = $60
Full Body Mud Wrap and Exfoliation = $135
Hot Stone = $95
20 Minute Hand Massage with Paraffin Wax Dip = $30
Aromatouch Technique = $50
Cupping = $95
Facial = $55

No new package deals will be offered starting on January 1, 2019  However, existing
package deals will be honored until they were used up.

*** Payments are NOT refundable ***
*** HOWEVER, it is ok to sell your unused package deal to someone else that may benefit. ***

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    Before I explain the services that I offer, I'll show you my massage place.

Tour of New Place
(Now on Jefferson Ave.)

Front of
                new building     New


Inside of Front of Building

Inside of Front of New Building     Inside of Front of New Building

Inside of Massage Room 1

              Room 1     Massage
              Room 1
Wanna lie down here?

              Room 1     Massage Room 1

Massage Room 1     Massage Room 1

Points of view when lying on table in Massage Room 1

POV from
              Massage Table 1     POV from
              Massage Table 1 -- Cool Subdued Lighting

Inside of Massage Room 2

Massage Room 2
     Massage Room 2

Massage Room 2     Massage Room 2

Massage Room 2     Massage Room 2

Massage Room 2     Massage Room 2

Point of view when lying on table in Massage Room 2
                        from Massage Table 2


Swedish Massage
(GREAT for stress relief and circulation)

Swedish massage -- View 1   Swedish massage -- View 2

Lying on
                      belly -- View 1

Lying on
                      belly -- View 2

    Swedish massage generally uses long strokes and it is great for stress relief in general.  Heavy pressure is generally not used here.  It is also great for circulation, especially in your arms and legs.  This also helps to detoxify your body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue
                              massage -- View 1   Deep tissue
                              massage -- View 2
    Deep tissue massage has a much different focus than Swedish massage.  This is more for cramps and/or otherwise tight muscles.

Chair Massage

Chair massage

    A chair massage is a low-cost alternative, which can be used for Swedish and/or deep tissue massage of the upper body only.  This is ok for a "quick fix".


Reflexology (foot massage)
(foot massage)


    This is great for tired and stressed out feet.  After all, your feet really take a heavy load--the weight of your WHOLE body, the clothes you're wearing, jewelry, and whatever you may be carrying!  Moreover, your feet also have links to the rest of your body that you are probably not aware of.

Hand Massage

Hand massage prep             Hand massage
.  Hand massage prep                                          Hand massage    
    Because you use your hands a lot, they can get tired, worn, dried out, chapped, and/or even have bad nerves.  This is a way to help rejuvenate your hands.


    Reiki (pronounced as RAY kee) is not an actual massage.  It is a form of energy medicine.  The practitioner may or may not actually be touching you during the treatment.  Here, the practitioner merely allows herself or himself to be used as a "conductor" of healing energy from God (or what some people call a "universal life force") into the client / patient.  Generally, the practitioner will lay hands on certain parts of your body, generally around 3-5 minutes at a time.  Reiki can result in physical, mental, and emotional healing.  It is also great for stress and out-of-control negativity, including suicidal thoughts and ideology due to too much stress and turmoil.  Reiki can be added to any treatment for $10 more.


Full Body Exfoliation and Mud Wrap

    This is a full body detox treatment, where a mud-like substance is applied to your body.  Afterwards, you would be wrapped for a period of time, allowing the substance to do its work.

Exfoliation     Mud wrap prep

Mud wrap

Relief from some common annoying conditions

I also offer treatments that can help alleviate some of the suffering associated
with certain types of headaches, TMJ, and fibromyalgia.

*** $7 Exfoliation Special ***

For only $7 more, I would do exfoliation on your back.  This is a $7 add-on that can be applied to ANY treatment you come in for.

NOTICE:  I do NOT offer "emergency services".  If you are in such severe pain that you can't go on,
you need to call your doctor or call 911 or go to the emergency room.  I sincerely doubt if I can do
you that much good if you are in such severe pain.


Tour of Massage Room #1

POV (Point-Of-View) of Coming In for a Massage
in Room #1

Tour of Massage Room #2

POV (Point-Of-View) of Coming In for a Massage
in Room #2

Massage in Progress

Alita Wellman-Ross, LMT